1997 Michigan Wolverines Defense Was Amazing To Watch In College Football.
Michigan’s Charles Woodson leaves Ohios State’s Kevin Griffin in his wake as he bolts upfield en route to a second quarter touchdown on a punt return.

Charles Woodson was amazing for the 1997 Michigan Wolverines Football Team on Defense for Head Coach Lloyd Carr in Ann Arbor. Guide that Defense to the No. 1 Ranking in 1997. Went 12-0 overall record. B1G Conference Champions & Co-National Champions. Still the only Defensive Player to win the Heisman Trophy. My senior year in Sandusky HS remember seeing that Defense shine for the Maize & Blue. Deserve to win that Heisman Trophy. Ohio State Game at home was the difference in that one. INT in the end zone & Punt Return for a TD in that one. Solid in the Rose Bowl Game big INT in the End Zone off Ryan Leaf for the Washington State Cougars. Win the Rose Bowl Game on New Years Day in Pasadena in 1998. Solid all-around Defense in 1997. Swarm to the Football everywhere the Ball carrier was at. Make plays when time to make plays for the Maize & Blue. Defense Wins Games & Championships. Brings this memory for all of them to remember that 1997 Michigan Wolverines Football Team had on Defense. Amazing to watch. Love watching that Defense in 1997 in Anna Arbor. Favorite Team was the 1997 Michigan Wolverines Football Team. Saw them put on a display for the fans to see. Clutch Defensive Team. Bringing that one back to everyone to see about that one. During this Quarantine going on now. Just wanted to do this for everyone else too.

Go Blue Everyone……..

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