Al Avila Made A Good Hire To Get Ron Gardenhire As Manager Of The Detroit Tigers.

Al Avila made the right hire on October 19th, 2017 to hire a good Manager in Baseball that night. Ron Gardenhire has done a good job in the Rebuilding Department for the Baseball Team & Organiztion in the last 2 years. Saw the Minor League System & the last 3 MLB Draft Picks in the last 3 years. Building the organiztion up nicely. Good MLB Prospects for the Detroit Tigers. GM Al Avila made the best choice to get a good Baseball Minded Guy. Good knowledges of the game & understand the player development for this team. Seeing them play hard all the time now. Good Baseball Minded Guy he is got now in Detroit.

Ron Gardenhire is really good with the pitchers & catchers on the team. Does very well with the Player Development. Got a good Baseball Mind. Players love playing for a good Baseball Manager like Ron Gardenhire for the Detroit Tigers. Good Farm System. Did very well in the MLB Draft in 2020. Got hitters, athleticism, fielders, & other stuff. Building it up in the near future for the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team. Right man for this job.

Detroit Tigers will have a good team once again & they are rebuilding very well. They are not getting blown out at every game they play in the last 2 years. Losing a lot of closed games. Players are playing hard all the time. Getting better on what they need to do out there. Seeing them go at it very well all the time. Rebuilding Process is going very nicely. This will be a good Ball Club in a couple of years from now. Trust the process. Heading in the right direction right now in Detroit. Comerica Park in Detroit will pack that Ballpark up also too.

Go Detroit Tigers GM Al Avila & Manager Ron Gardenhire…….

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