Drake Deshetsky Showing Good Inspiration To Another Special Need For The North Branch Broncos Football Team.

Drake Deshetsky is a good inspirator to another Special Need on the North Branch Broncos Football Team. Jackson Baksa which is Gabe’s Brother. He is disable & on the wheel chair forever. Drake was in support for Jackson after the victory over the Almont Raiders on Friday Night at Almont HS in a 28-0 route. Big BWAC Conference Football Game Indeed. Got that victory for Jackson Baksa also too. Won the Detroit News HS Sports Inspiration of the Year Award this past year with his Classmate Drew Greschaw. Drake is a True Gentlemen to everyone else in the Classroom, Teachers, Administrators, Coaches, Students, Classmates, & Other People Around Him too. Class Act. Wins With Dignity & Class. Good student all the way around. Dedicated at what he does on & off the playing field. Good supporter to North Branch Community. Jeremy Ferman, Mike Snoblen, & Chuck Jacobson have been fans of Drake Deshetsky in all 3 sports he plays in now. Team Player In All 3 Sports He Plays In Now. Good leaderships skills. Good leader on & off the playing field. Supports the community very well. Win in the classroom & in sports. Sportsmanship is amazing. People look up to Drake Deshetsky these days of ages. Well liked guy all the way around. Good supporter to this community he grew up at in his 18 years now. Enjoy talking to him on & off the playing field. True gentlemen to be around with these days of ages we live in now. Love to talk to Drake Deshetsky any day of the week you want to talk to him about sports or anything else. Football Scholarship To Play Somewhere Else Next Season. We will see where he is going to play at next season. Got a lot of offers now. Jeremy Ferman is happy to have a guy like Drake Deshetsky on the North Branch Broncos Football Team in his 3 years on Varsity. Keep up the good work. Keep on going for it more in 2020. Been a pleasure to cover your Football & Basketball Games in the last 2 years on Varsity. Go for it all. True Team Player All The Way Around. Awesome to be there for you too.

Go North Branch Broncos Football Team Captain Drake Deshetsky………..

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