Barry Sanders & Emmitt Smith Had Good Careers For There Teams In The NFL At RB.

Barry Sanders Didn’t Have The Worst Offensive Line For The Detroit Lions From 1989-98. He Was A Fun RB To Watch Indeed. He Had Amazing Moves People Never Saw Out There. Very Strong Legs, Had Amazing Agility Workouts, & Amazing Footwork I Have Ever Saw Out There At RB In The NFL. He Was A Hard Guy To Bring Him Down. He Made People Look Like A Idiot. He Rushed For More Then 2000 Yards Twice In His NFL Career For The Detroit Lions In 1994 & 1997. He Was A Special RB For Sure. Detroit Lions Fans Love Watching Barry Sanders Play RB Anyways. He Had Unbelievable Skills To Watch Too. He Was One Of My Favorite RB’s To Watch. Winning NFC Offensive Rookie Of The Year Award In 1989. Got Drafted By The Detroit Lions In The 1st Round Of The 1989 NFL Draft. Good Choice To Get Barry Sanders.

Emmitt Smith Had Was A Good Offensive Line For The Dallas Cowboys In His Playing Days In Arlington, Texas. Played On 3 Super Bowl Titles In 1992, 1993, & 1995. His Offensive Line Lead The Way For Him. It Was The Greatest Offensive Line In NFL History The Dallas Cowboys Football Team Was In The 1990’s. Played For Head Coaches Jimmy Johnston & Barry Switzer. Emmitt Is The All-Time Leading Rusher In NFL History. I Know The Offensive Line Lead The Way For Him Anyways. He Didn’t Have The Greatest Footwork & He Had The Smarts To Do The Job For The Team Anyways.

I Will Tell You Why, Barry Sanders Is The Greatest RB Of All-Times In NFL History. He Had Unbelievable Skills. Good Work Ethics Also Too. Make People Look Silly At RB For The Detroit Lions. Emmitt Smith Relied On His Greatest Offensive Line In NFL History For The Dallas Cowboys Football Team. That Is Why, Barry Sanders Is A Better RB Then Emmitt Smith Ever Was In NFL History. We Know That One For Sure.

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