Bill Gates Is The Wealthiest Guy In The Whole Nation.

Bill Gates Knew How To Run The Microsoft Windows On The Computer. He Is 63 Years Old Right Now. Smart Guy. Never Went To College After High School. Decided To Work At A Job Instead. He Is From Seattle, WA. Knows To How To Run The Computers Very Well From Microsoft Windows. He Is The Wealthiest Guy In The United States Of America. Very Hard Worker. I Didn’t Go To College After High School. I Decided To Work Instead. Worked On The Family Farm, Kmart, Woodland Hills Golf Course, Pizza Hut, Creative Enterprise, & Now As A Sports Analyst On My Website Business. Been A Very Dedicated Person Thru Out My Lifetime. Been Raised With Good Parents My Mom & Dad. Helped Me Succeed. College Isn’t For Everyone. I Would Be Indebt No Matter What. Wouldn’t Do Very Well In College Anyways. Decided To Run My Own Business Anyways. I Am 40 Years Old Right Now. Also A Autistic Adult. I Can Drive A Car Really Well. Got Into Some Car Accidents In The Past Years. Hit A Few Deer Also Too. Nobody Is Perfect. Internet Jobs Are Coming & Coming For More Years To Come. Global World Is Going To Be Coming For Internet Jobs In The Future. Like I Got Now. I Gotten Paid On Those Stuff Already. Covering High School Sporting Events, Little League Baseball & Softball Events, Jr High Football & Girls & Boys Basketball Games. It Has Been A Good Ride For Me In The Last 3 Seasons. Everyone Has Liked My Sports Analyst Business Already Now. I Will Be Doing This Forever Now. President Donald Trump We Will See More Global World Jobs Come On The Internet In The Near Future Again. I Am Blessed To Run One Already Now.

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