NHL Needs To Get A Petition Going In The Future About Fighting Out There.

NHL Needs To Do Something Down The Road With The Fighting Out There. Hockey Fans Want To Get Fighting Back To What It Needs To Be Out There. We Want To See A Whole Bunch Of Fighting Out There Down The Road With The NHL Fans Want To See Out There. They Will Go To A Lot Of NHL Games Down The Road If They Let Them Fight Down The Road. It Is Good For The Game Of Hockey Anyways. Fans Will Want To Go To The NHL Hockey Game Down The Road. These Are The Things I Want To See Down The Road Like It Used To Be.

1. Winner Of The Fight Don’t Get The Penalty At All.
2. Loser Of The Fight Gets The Penalty For A 5-Minute Misconduct.
3. If There Is A Tie Of The Fight Both Get The Penalty Period.

NHL Hockey Fans Want To See The Action Go Back To What It Use To Be Years Ago. They Love The Action When Both Hockey Players Go After One Another In A Fight Period. Fans Will Watch The Action Again If They Get A Petition Going On This One. They Need To Get This Petition Going Sometime Down The Road. Get This Petition Going Down The Road Right Now.

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