Week 1 Of The 2019 High School Football Picks.

Week 1 Of The 2019 High School Football Picks This Week 5 Guys I Picked To Do My High School Football Game Picks In 2019. They Are Going To Going For A Trophy By End Of The Season. Will Get To Go To A Michigan Wolverines Football Game With Me In 2020.

Saginaw Nouvel vs Sandusky. David Weiler: Saginaw Nouvel. Shane Strickler: Saginaw Nouvel. Dave Connell: Saginaw Nouvel. Brian Sheridan: Saginaw Nouvel. Adam Filkins: Sandusky.

Frankenmuth vs Bay City Central. David Weiler: Frankenmuth. Shane Strickler: Bay City Central. Dave Connell: Frankenmuth. Brian Sheridan: Frankenmuth. Adam Filkins: Frankenmuth.

Marlette vs Reese. David Weiler: Reese. Shane Strickler: Reese. Dave Connell: Reese. Brian Sheridan: Reese. Adam Filkins: Reese.

Yale vs Madison Heights Lamphere. David Weiler: Yale. Shane Strickler: Yale. Dave Connell: Yale. Brian Sheridan: Yale. Adam Filkins: Madison Heights Lamphere.

Armada vs Clawson. David Weiler: Clawson. Shane Strickler: Clawson. Dave Connell: Clawson. Brian Sheridan: Clawson. Adam Filkins: Clawson.

St. Clair vs Cros-Lex. David Weiler: Cros-Lex. Shane Strickler: St. Clair. Dave Connell: St. Clair. Brian Sheridan: Cros-Lex. Adam Filkins: Cros-Lex.

Richmond vs Marysville. David Weiler: Richmond. Shane Strickler: Marysville. Dave Connell: Marysville. Brian Sheridan: Richmond. Adam Filkins: Marysville.

Millington vs Maple City Glen Lake. David Weiler: Millington. Shane Strickler: Millington. Dave Connell: Millington. Brian Sheridan: Millington. Adam Filkins: Millington.

Imlay City vs Vassar. David Weiler: Imlay City. Shane Strickler: Vassar. Dave Connell: Imlay City. Brian Sheridan: Vassar. Adam Filkins: Vassar.

Almont vs New Haven. David Weiler: Almont. Shane Strickler: Almont. Dave Connell: Almont. Brian Sheridan: Almont. Adam Filkins: Almont.

Montrose vs Cass City. David Weiler: Montrose. Shane Strickler: Cass City. Dave Connell: Montrose. Brian Sheridan: Montrose. Adam Filkins: Montrose.

USA vs Ubly. David Weiler: Ubly. Shane Strickler: Ubly. Dave Connell: Ubly. Brian Sheridan: USA. Adam Filkins: Ubly.

Lakers vs Carrolton. David Weiler: Lakers. Shane Strickler: Carrolton. Dave Connell: Lakers. Brian Sheridan: Carrolton. Adam Filkins: Carrolton.

Harbor Beach vs Bad Axe. David Weiler: Harbor Beach. Shane Strickler: Harbor Beach. Dave Connell: Harbor Beach. Brian Sheridan: Harbor Beach. Adam Filkins: Harbor Beach.

North Branch vs Lakeville. David Weiler: North Branch. Shane Strickler: North Branch. Dave Connell: North Branch. Brian Sheridan: North Branch. Adam Filkins: North Branch.

Capac vs Durand: David Weiler: Durand. Shane Strickler: Durand. Dave Connell: Durand. Brian Sheridan: Durand. Adam Filkins: Durand.

Caro vs Birch Run. David Weiler: Birch Run. Shane Strickler: Birch Run. Dave Connell: Caro. Brian Sheridan: Caro. Adam Filkins: Birch Run.

Algonac vs Muskegon Catholic Central. David Weiler: MCC. Shane Strickler: MCC. Dave Connell: Algonac. Brian Sheridan: MCC. Adam Filkins: MCC.

Tulsa vs Michigan State: David Weiler: MSU. Shane Strickler: MSU. Dave Connell: MSU. Brian Sheridan: MSU. Adam Filkins: MSU.

Middle Tennessee State vs Michigan. David Weiler: Michigan. Shane Strickler: Michigan. Dave Connell: Michigan. Brian Sheridan: Michigan. Adam Filkins: Michigan.

Brown City vs Burton Bendle. David Weiler: Brown City. Shane Strickler: Brown City. Dave Connell: Brown City. Brian Sheridan: Brown City. Adam Filkins: Burton Bendle.

Good Luck To All 5 Guys That Are Doing My 2019 Football Picks. I Picked Them To Do This One For Sure. Those 5 Guys Are Going For A Trophy At The End Of The 2019 Campaign. Also Gets To Go To A Michigan Wolverines Football Game In 2020 As Well Too.

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