Dan Campbell Good Head Coach For The Detroit Lions 🏈 Team…..


Dan Campbell is the best one available as Head Coach for the Detroit Lions 🏈 Team at Ford Field in Detroit. He has good ideas for the players to buy in on a day 2 day basis or a night 2 night basis. Dan is all business all the time. Preparing the players for Pre-Season & onto the regular season. Good NFL Head Coach. Players respect Dan on & off the playing field. Compete with the best of them. Stayed ahead of schedule a year ago for what they had out there for players a year ago. Take this new season to another level in the 2022-23 campaign. Build on that Green Bay Packers 🏈 Win at home a year ago in the last NFL regular season game. Carry that one too the 2022-23 campaign for the Detroit Lions 🏈 Team. Dan is a smart individual guy overall. Played TE in his days for the Detroit Lions at Ford Field in Detroit. Players & Spectators respect & support for what he has done so far so good. Believe in yourself & everyone else on the roster. Get better each time down. Learn on what you did right keep doing that one too & what things you did wrong & fix the mistakes you can do better at. Doesn’t play favorites at all & plays you by talent, attitude, & work ethic you bring to the practice & onto the game. Good mindset Dan Campbell had now in store already now in progress. Dan Campbell is working hard on charging the culture & other ones he is working on now….. Perfect fit for this squad anyways…….



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