Mike Morris Is A Beast For The 2022 Michigan Wolverines 🏈 Team On Defense……


Mike Morris is a Beast at DE for the Michigan Wolverines 🏈 Team in 2022. He has been a force to be reckoned with for Head Coach Jim Harbaugh, DC Jesse Minter, & D-Line Coach Mike Elston. Once was a Florida State Seminoles 🏈 Commit & saw Jimbo Fisher resign after the 2017 season was over in Tallahassee. De-commited instead. Become a Michigan Wolverine instead in the Class of 2019 in Ann Arbor. Playing very well in that 3-4 Defense for the Maize & Blue. Go from DC Don Brown to DC Mike MacDonald & now DC Jesse Minter. Go from a 4-3 Gimmick Defense Don Brown played in 2016-20. Get fired on December 22nd, 2020. Hire DC Mike MacDonald in January of 2021. Mike did a good job with that 3-4 Defense a year ago. Jesse Minter kept that trend going in 2022. Jesse Minter & Mike MacDonald worked together very well together for the Baltimore Ravens 🏈 Team in NFL in 2017-20 with Head Coach John Harbaugh. Go from Shaun Nua to Mike Elston as D-Line Coach. Top 6 Defense in the nation right now. Get a 41-17 win over the Penn State Nittany Lions on Saturday at The Big House in Ann Arbor. Been a Pass Rushing University for a while now. Jim Harbaugh is happy to have Mike Morris keeping that trend going for more to come yet now still. 7-0 on the season. Bye Week starting on Sunday. Preparing for the Michigan State Spartans at The Big House in Ann Arbor on Halloween Weekend. There not satisfied with any outcome of any game they played in so far in 2022. More work to do out there anyways in practice this week. Fixed the mistakes they made out there anyways. Cut down on the penalties moving forward to the Michigan State Spartans 🏈 Game in 2 weeks from now. Keep the foot on the gas pedal during bye week & keep improving as a team going forward to the next 5 games on the schedule. Keep that trend up nicely. Mike Morris is making a difference at DE in that 3-4 Defensive Scheme. Jim Harbaugh always played a 3-4 for the San Diego Toreros, Stanford Cardinal, San Francisco 49ers, & Michigan Wolverines. Defense is playing faster in the last 2 years with DC Mike MacDonald in 2021 & DC Jesse Minter in 2022. Mike likes both of them anyways. Do a good job with that department….. 2021 B1G CONFERENCE 🏈 CHAMPIONS…..



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