Detroit Lions 🏈 NFC North Division Champions….

Detroit Lions 🏈 Team NFC North Division Champions on Christmas Eve 🎄. Beat the Minnesota Vikings 30-24 at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Head Coach Dan Campbell has set a good foundation to this organization. Done a excellent job revamping, redeveloping, rebuilding, & other ones too. Get the right players in this system. NFL Draft Picks, Trades, & Free Agent Pickups have been unbelievable in that 2 year span. Credit GM Brad Holmes & Chris Spielman on a job well done with this organization. Fixing a lot of mistakes they made out there in the past years. Got a good culture already now in progress. Dan is the best one around for this position as Head Coach. They have improved that roster each & every year. 3rd year at the helm. Has a good 🏈 mindset. Difference maker for the fans & players he is got now. Detroit Lions 🏈 Man. Knows the culture & other ones too. Seeing a much better results from Dan Campbell & company. Top 5 NFL Head Coaches. Last time they won a Division. Was in 1993. 30 years ago. RB Barry Sanders, WR Herman Moore, & LB Chris Spielman were on the 1993 Detroit Lions 🏈 Team. Wayne Fontes was the HC during that time. Wayne to a couple of games this year. He was impressed with Dan Campbell has done. Host a playoff game at Ford Field in Detroit for the 1st time ever. 2023 North Division Champions. 2 regular season games to play yet still to come. Dallas Cowboys next week at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. Minnesota Vikings to wrap up the regular season at Ford Field in Detroit. Still have to improve on some things moving forward to the next 2 weeks on the schedule. Celebrate this one on 🎄 & back to work on Tuesday in Allen Park. Dallas Cowboys aren’t no slouches at all. Be on the go of things anyways on the schedule. 8-0 at home this year. Be ready to go on time. Good preparation in practice this week & carry that one over to Dallas to play in this matchup. Dan is the best one around period…..


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