Matt Hirschenberger Has Done Amazing Job As Freeland Falcons Girls Basketball Team & Program In His 1st Season As A Head Coach.

Matt Hirschenberger has done amazing job as 1st Year Head Coach of the Freeland Falcons Girls Basketball Team & Program. Took over for Tom Zolinski in November. He passed away with a Heart Attack. I met Tom Zolinski 2 years ago at a Sandusky Scrimmage & had a good chance to talk to him as well too. Good friends with Al DeMott. They are the Defending Division 2 State Runner-Up a year ago. They lost 4 games on the season to Standish-Sterling, Midland Dow, Saginaw Heritage, & Bay City John Glenn. They won the TVCE East Division outright crown on Friday Night against the Frankenmuth Eagles at Frankenmuth HS. Coaches vs Cancer. Matt was the Assistant Coach to Tom Zolinski at Freeland also too. Knows what he is doing. Tom is glad to see what Matt in this season Freeland Falcons Girls Basketball Team. Al DeMott said that they where going to play good Team Defense this year. It has showed that one on the stat sheet already now. Defense Wins Games & Championships Period. Freeland Falcons got that outright TVCE Division Title already now. 3 years ago they where in the Class B Semifinals on St. Patrick’s Night against the Ypsilanti Arbor Prep Gators at The Breslin Center in East Lansing, MI. They where 26-0 going into that one. Lost by 6 points in that Class B Semifinal Game. Matt was on that staff also too. They played in that Brutal Tri-Valley Central Division in the 2016-17 campaign. Went to the Class B Semifinals. Came back down by 13 points & beat the Frankenmuth Eagles 43-39 on the road. Freeland Falcons Won The Class B Regional Title In 2017 Also Too At The Same Place As Well Too. Tom is living in a great place for good. He is a great guy. Matt is doing good things for the Freeland Falcons Girls Basketball Team now. Good JV Squad Also Too…..

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