Matt Prater Kicked The GW Field Goal For The Detroit Lions At Ford Field In Detroit.

Matt Prater kicked the GW 59 Yard FG on Sunday against the Washington Team at Ford Field in Detroit 30-27. Made the GW FG when time expired for the Lions. Head Coach Matt Patricia trusted Matt Prater to make a 59 Yard GW Field Goal for the team to get a must win scenario & get there 1st home victory of the 2020 NFL Season. Been a good kicker for the Denver Broncos before he arrived to Detroit. Kicked a 63 Yard FG & made it when he was with the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium in Denver. Replaced Jason Hanson very nicely indeed. Got my MVP in this game too for the Detroit Lions on Sunday at Ford Field in Detroit.

Go Detroit Lions PK Matt Prater…………..

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