DeAndre Hopkins For The Top Play Of The Year Award Candidate List In 2020.

DeAndre Hopkins GW TD Reception on this Hail Mary is going to be the Top Play of the Year Award for the 2020 NFL Season. Guide the Arizona Cardinals to a 32-30 victory over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday in Tempe. High point that reception over that Buffalo Bills DB. Hold onto that reception to the ground. High point that one perfectly. Incredible Finish To See On Video Too. Kyler Murray threw it up to DeAndre Hopkins nice & perfect. Had a good career for the Houston Texans in the NFL. Arizona got him in the Free Agent Department in April. Good pickup indeed. Arizona is 6-3 on the season now. That play will remember from DeAndre Hopkins for a long time coming now in the future. Caught that Hail Mary Catch with :01 left in the game. Going to be a Top 100 Play on ESPN for the 2020 sports season. Saw that one too on the Highlight on Sunday. Former Clemson Tigers Standout Too.

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