Shanahan & McCaffrey Share A Good Bond Together…..

Mike & Kyle Shanahan do lots of good stuff together on & off the Football Field. Kyle help out his Dad with the Washington Redskins in the past years in Washington, DC. Now it is the Commanders. Win the 2012 NFC East Division Title. Kyle served as OC for the Atlanta Falcons for a couple of years with Head Coach Dan Quinn. Went to Super Bowl 51 & lose to the New England Patriots in OT. Became Head Coach with the San Francisco 49ers Football Team in 2017-present. Done a good job with the 49ers roster. Went to Super Bowl 54 & lose to the Kansas City Chiefs 30-20 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL. Went Back 2 Back NFC Conference Championship Game Appearances. Lose to the Los Angeles Rams a year ago. Philadelphia Eagles this past year. Mike won 2 Super Bowl Titles as a Head Coach with the Denver Broncos in 1997 & 1998. High flying Offense in the 3-year span in 1996-98.

Ed McCaffrey spend his good days with the San Francisco 49ers & Denver Broncos Football Team at WR in the past years. Follow Mike Shanahan around from San Francisco to Denver. Both of them have a good idea of stuff they do out there. Work together as a unit very well. Build a good relationship with one another on & off the playing field. They care for one another. Ed is proud of what Christian has done for the San Francisco 49ers Football Team at RB. Spend his time with the Carolina Panthers in 2017-22. Got him in mid-season pickup a year ago. Ed is Coaching at Northern Colorado University.


Christian McCaffrey is blessed to play for Head Coach Kyle Shanahan with the San Francisco 49ers Football Team. Star RB on this 49ers Offense. They share a good bond with one another on the playing field. Have a good idea of stuff they want to accomplish on a day by day basis. Remember watching him play for the Stanford Cardinal Football Team in 2015 in Palo Alto, CA. Came back to the Bay Area a year ago. My Football Player. Good Team Player. Elijah Mitchell & Jordan Mason at the RB position for this 49ers Offense. Both of them help out Christian McCaffrey & Kyle Shanahan to success. Saw that one a year ago.

Shanahan & McCaffrey’s have a good mindset about the game of Football. Other ones they do very well at too. Work together as a team & family. Share a good bond & statement to one another. Won a lot of games in the past & present years. Both sides of the family have a good sense humor. They don’t play favorites at all. Win a lot of games you play who is the best ones around. Ed is now at Northern Colorado University helping out the Football Team right now in progress. Win with Dignity & Class. From Denver to San Francisco……



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