Scott Parr Is Following Those Brown City Green Devils Softball Team Head Coaches Footsteps…..

Scott Parr is following those Brown City Green Devils Softball Team Head Coaches footsteps.

Mike Hill – Had a good run in the 1990’s with his 2 daughters on the roster. Karen Hill was a good pitcher for this squad in her 4 years on Varsity. 1997 Brown City HS Graduated. Resign after the 1997 campaign was over. Stay out of coaching in 1998-03. Went back to coaching on his 2nd stint in 2004-06. Won the GTCE Division Crown in 2005. Won a Division 3 District Crown in 2004. Very good pitching coach. Resign once again after the 2006 campaign was over. Took a 2 year absence out of that position. Went back at it once again on his 3rd stint in 2009-12. Won 3 straight GTCE Division Crowns. Knew how to get the best out of those players abilities on a day 2 day basis. Impressive Softball Knowledges. Joe Weaver was the Head Coach in the 1990’s. Mike Hill ran the show for Joe Weaver.

Erin Synder – Did good work in her 2 years as a Head Coach for the Brown City Green Devils Softball Team. She played for Mike Hill for 2 years & her Dad Bob for one year. Guide them to win Back 2 Back GTCE Division Crowns in 2007 & 2008. Learn that stuff from her Dad & Mike Hill in the past years. 1998 Brown City HS Graduated. She knows what she is talking about. Kristen Greene was a good Pitcher for her team as a Freshman & Sophomore. 2010 Brown City HS Graduated.

Dean Burmesiter – Head Coach for 2 years for the Brown City Green Devils Softball Team in 2013 & 2014. Had a good idea how to get the job done right. He took over for Mike Hill in 2013. Good talent for both classes. 2013 & 2014.

Jeff Pitts – Was there in 2015-21. Won the GTCE Division Crown in 2016. Good core of talent on display in the Class of 2016. His Daughter Taylor Pitts. Good Pitcher in Breigha Donnelly in the Class of 2017. Put up a good fight against Nikki Bauer for the USA Patriots in a Pitching Duo in the 2016 Regional Championship Game at Kingston HS. Lose to the eventual Division 4 State Champions in that contest 1-0. Jeff has some good knowledges of the game of Softball. Really intense guy. Good idea of that stuff.

Scott Parr – Kept that tradition going for more to come yet still to come. Took over for Jeff Pitts position in 2022. Go from 5 wins in 2022 & double digit wins in 2023. Big turnaround from his 1st season as Head Coach to his 2nd season at the helm. Stud Pitcher Maddie Hohne in the Class of 2026. Following those Coaches Footsteps in Brown City right now……. Good Softball Program order there now. Best Baseball & Softball Complex in the State of Michigan……



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