Garrett Grundman Got A Program Win Over The Armada Tigers In BWAC Conference Action……..

Head Coach Garrett Grundman getting a program win over the Armada Tigers on Friday Night at Andreae Field in Yale City Park. Get a 34-28 win in front of your home crowd on hand for that matchup. They lost to Armada 42-18 a year ago at Armada HS. They learn from that lost last week in practice. Carry that one over to the game. Must win scenario for this squad. Good crowd on hand for this game. Get a must win scenario. Handled there business very well. 2-0 on the 2023 season. More to play for yet still to come. Now onto the North Branch matchup this week. Disappointing 51-0 lost at Krepps Field in North Branch HS a year ago. Yale will be ready for that matchup this week in practice starting on Labor Day. 0-0 this week in practice. Prepare for the Double Wingback Veer North Branch is running now. They lost 22 seniors to graduation at North Branch a year ago. Yale has a good Senior bunch on the roster. 2 4th down conversions for TD’s to talk about in that game against Armada. Including the GW TD late in the game. One to talk about for a long time coming. Blessed to cover that contest. Impressive showing indeed. Job isn’t done yet. Keep your composure & let the game come to you. Play Football Period. Focus on what you want to accomplish in 2023. Make your opportunities count. Compete at practices & carry over to the games. Work is not done yet. Stay poise & focus on what you want to do this week. Last time Yale beat North Branch was in 2017 in the opener 18-7. Scott Brown’s debut as Head Coach for the Yale Bulldogs Football Team. Resign from that position after the 2020 season was over. Going 0-7 on the 2020 campaign. Not acceptable at all period. Went to Garrett Grundman instead. Paying out nicely. Good hire by the Yale School Board of Education. 3rd season at the helm. Go from 1-8 in 2021. 5-5 in 2022. Now 2-0 in 2023. Making nice strides in Yale. Better system & culture the players are comfortable with the Spread Offense. Working out nicely. Seeing better results & stats with Garrett Grundman then you did with Scott Brown. Keep building that program for more years to come. Cros-Lex Pioneers Head Coach in 2015-19. Got let go after the 2019 campaign was over. 2007 Cros-Lex HS Graduated. Now in Yale…….




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  1. Your blog on Yale’s football program is inaccurate. Scott Brown did not get fired. He chose to resign due to many reasons (ie COVID being one of them). The rest of your blog on the program is very positive and upbeat. Go Yale!❤️🏈

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