DeMeco Ryans Done Amazing Work As Head Coach For The Houston Texans…….

DeMeco Ryans done amazing job in his 1st season as Head Coach for the Houston Texans. Been the biggest surprise team in the NFL. DC for the San Francisco 49ers in the last 2 years. Back in Houston once again. On a 3-game winning streak. Get a 21-16 win over the Arizona Cardinals on the road in Glendale on Sunday. Good Rookie QB in CJ Stroud running the show for the Texans Offense. Good young playmakers on this roster. Proving all of the NFL experts wrong about this unit. Learn from the best of them. Kyle Shanahan is one of them & other ones too. 6-4 on the campaign. 2nd place in the AFC South Division right behind the Jacksonville Jaguars. DeMeco knows his Football very well. Seeing good results on the playing field. Coaches Makes A Difference In People’s Lives. Seeing a much better culture in progress now. Mindset of one place he wants done. Play as a team. Execute the game plan to perfection.

DeMeco Ryans was the LB on the Houston Texans Defense in the past years. True Houston Texans Man leading the way now. Played alongside with JJ Watt in the past years. Be on a couple of playoff teams. Won a couple of postseason games. Knows the game of Football as a player & coach. Smart individual guy. Players have liked of DeMeco brings to the table. Seeing a winning culture once again now in Houston. 6-4 on the campaign. Have good mentors to guide you to success. Player development is much better than it was in the last few years. Played his College Football for the Alabama Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa. They got a good team like always. Nick Saban is the best Head Coach in the nation. Alabama Man……..

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