Mia McLaughlin 4-Year Player For The Frankenmuth Eagles Girls Basketball Team…….

Mia McLaughlin has played 4 years on Varsity for the Frankenmuth Eagles Girls Basketball Team. Taking over the leadership role this season for Head Coach Joe Jacobs. Done amazing work for this program thru out her career. Been in Joe’s system for all 4 years in HS. Verbally committed to the Ferris State Bulldogs Women’s Basketball Team in the Class of 2024 in Big Rapids, MI. Basketball has been her passion while growing up as a child. Living the dream of playing this sport. Reaching her dreams & goals. Good competitor on & off the playing court. Do very well in the classroom & also on the basketball court. Have both of them in order to succeed in the upcoming years ahead. Saw her hit 6 3-pointers against the Lake City Trojans in the opener on Tuesday Night in a 39-21 win in non-league action at home. Don’t have a lot of height on the roster. Lots of good team speed anyways. Using that speed very well. Do some run & gun style of Offense this season. Losing Lexi Boyke off the roster to graduation. Still lots of talent on display now in Frankenmuth. Mia’s has twin sisters that are good at Basketball also too. Both of them are in 8th grade right now.

His Dad, John McLaughlin was a stud athlete in HS for the Kingston Cardinals in the Class of 1997. Good QB in Football. I remember him throwing 2 TD passes against Sandusky while he was in 8th grade. Long pass plays. Get a 12-6 win at home in 1992. Me & Tony Reiner called John McLaughlin Randall Cunningham. Fan of him in the past years with the Philadelphia Eagles & Minnesota Vikings in the NFL. Good Dual Threat QB in the NFL for both teams. Cannon of arm & shifting while he was running with the Football in his hands. Impressive QB indeed. Stud PG in HS Basketball for Head Coach Leon Westover & Mike Rea as well too. Leader for this squad. Ran the team to perfection. Very good Golfer. Hit the Golf Ball a long ways away. Tee to Green is accurate of his game of Golf. Knows what he is doing out there. Good knowledges in all 3 sports. Michigan Wolverines Sports Fan.

His Uncle, Mike McLaughlin played on Leon Westover’s best team in HS for the Kingston Cardinals Boys Basketball Team in the 1989-90 season. Played alongside Jay Green. Best friend in HS in the Class of 1990. Went to the Class D Quarterfinals & lost also too. Jay Green is the Varsity Girls Basketball Coach for the Kingston Cardinals. They got a great squad once again this season. They are the real deal. Good group of them. Scrimmage last week & split with them. They are the real deal indeed.

His Best Friend in HS was Lane Walker in the Class of 1997 at Kingston HS. Got 3 Daughters that play on Varsity this season. One is a stud Molly Walker. Her & Mia get along very well. Share a good bond together & talk about other things besides Basketball in general. Work other ideas besides Basketball. Stay in with one relationships. Talk about dreams & other stuff too. Kingston is the best team in the TSA.

Another good friend, Bill Harrington. Class of 1994 at Kingston HS. Got a daughter that is a standout for the Kingston Cardinals 7th grade squad this season. She is a good player as well too. Kingston Cardinals Girls Basketball ain’t done yet. They are the real deal indeed. Jay Green has a good thing going on now in store. Jay knows what he is doing the girls in the program. Good knowledges on the stuff she does out there. See, Mia McLaughlin play this season for the Frankenmuth Eagles Girls Basketball Team………

Frankenmuth Eagles Girls Basketball Team has a good thing going on now in store. Joe Jacobs has been a savior to this program. Went to the 2023 Division 2 State Championship Game on March 18th at The Breslin Center in East Lansing. Lose to the Lansing Catholic Cougars twice on the schedule a year ago. Foundation back in order once again now. Go back to the Art Pelzer & Jim Petteys days once again now. Working out very well indeed. Good Coaching Staff on hand now. They do a good job with the player development. Mia is proud of what Joe has done for her in all 4 years.



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