Kelvin Bell Is Going To Replace Reese Morgan As Defensive Line Coach For The Iowa Hawkeyes Football Team In 2019.

Kelvin Bell is going to replace Reese Morgan as Defensive Line Coach for the 2019 Iowa Hawkeyes Football Team for Head Coach Kirk Ferentz in Iowa City. Reese Morgan had a good career as Defensive Line Coach for the Iowa Hawkeyes. Reese had a good Defensive Lineman came out of his system. Had Top 10 Defense In College Football in the past 16 years at the helm. Took quite of few them to the NFL Draft. Never recruited special players in that system. They go thru a player development system they run very well. Get better after High School. They are hard working guys in the off-season in the Weight Room, in practices & games in the past years. Kelvin is going to do a good job with that department just like Reese Morgan did for the Defensive Line. Kelvin has a good understanding with these guys already. They will play hard for Kelvin. They will have a good Defense just like they have been in the past years. B1G Conference West Division is getting better & better each year. No easy games to play in the West Division in 2019. Michigan is not going to be a easy game at all at The Big House in Ann Arbor on there homecoming. B1G Conference In Football is loaded from top to bottom again. Just like they where a year ago. Dangerous games each & every week. Got to go out & play each & every game you play in. Defensive Line for the Iowa Hawkeyes Football Team is going to be loaded. Kelvin Bell is the right guy there now in Iowa City.

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