George Johnson III Is Going To Help Out The WR Core For The Michigan Wolverines Football Team In The Next 3 To 4 Years In Ann Arbor.

George Johnson III is going to be a stud WR for the 2019 Michigan Wolverines Football Team in Ann Arbor. Down the road too. Underrated Recruit in the 2019 Class. Florida High School Football is one of the 5 best in the nation. Speed Guy & Good Versatility as well. #SpeedInSpace. This Offense is the right one for George to play on. Josh Gattis OC/WR’s Coach is bringing in a new Offense. Up-Tempo No Huddle Power Spread Offense. Good Wildcard Pick. Head Coach Jim Harbaugh got a good underrated recruit on the squad now. Good Competitor & Wants To Win. Dedicated Athlete Also Too. Good worker on the squad. Loves to play with the best ones. Josh Gattis is had good success coaching WR’s at the last 3 places. Vanderbilt, Penn State, & Alabama. Got a good one there now. Jim Harbaugh is had good success at developing 3-star recruits in the past years at Stanford & Michigan. Hard worker in practice. Get ready to see George Johnson III in 2019 at WR for the Maize & Blue.

Go Blue George Johnson III get ready to see him play as a True Freshman at WR for the squad. He is a good one to watch also too. Proved the experts wrong. Loves to play with the best ones. Jim Harbaugh is blessed to have him there now in Ann Arbor. Going to a new culture where he was before. Getting to see the cold weather as well too. Ann Arbor is a good place for him anyways. He is going to adjust very well too. Florida is a very warm state to live in year round. George is the guy to watch out indeed.

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