Shea Patterson Is Come On Nicely At QB For The Michigan Wolverines Football Team.

Shea Patterson has come as of late at QB for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team in the last 5 1/2 games. Getting comfortable at running this New Offense Josh Gattis is bringing in now. Scoring points in bunches & not turning the Football over as well. Making good decisions. Peaking at the right time of the season. Ben McDaniels has done a good coaching Shea Patterson up when the season was rolling along. Make good decision. There are some of those things I will talk about.

Good Offensive Line Play & Pass Protection Has Been Good As Of Late. Giving Shea Time To Throw The Football. Going Thru His Progression Making The Smart Choices. Making It Count. Scoring Points In Bunches. Being Aggressive.

Wide Receivers Have Been Solid As Well Too. Making Clutch Receptions & Getting Comfortable At This New Offense. Speed In Space Has Been There Already Now. Making Receptions When They Need Too. Giving Involve Of The Offense. Josh Gattis Gets The Credit For That One. Nico Collins, DPJ, Ronnie Bell, Giles Jackson, & Mike Sainristil. Tarik Black Has Played Better As Well Too. Learning What They Did Wrong Early On Of The Season. Got Them Fixed Up Right.

Shea Patterson Has Throw For 750 Yards Passing & 9 TD Passes In The Last 2 Games For The Michigan Wolverines Football Team. 384 Passing Yards 4 TD Passes Against The Michigan State Spartans At Home In A 44-10 Victory & 366 Passing Yards & 5 TD Passes In The Road Victory Against The Indiana Hoosiers At Memorial Stadium In Bloomington, IN. Ben McDaniels Has Done A Good Coaching Shea Patterson Up In The Passing Game.

Going Thru His Progression & Hitting The Wide Open Receiver. Gelling Together Ignore The Haters On Social Media. Play Football Instead. Doing A Good Job With That One Too. Make The Right Choices. Play To Your Expectations Need To Be At All-Times. We Have Been The Football Down The Field All Season Long. Getting A Turnover Or A Penalty. We Fixed Both Of Them Anyways. Hitting Our Stride Now.

Shea Patterson Is Comfortable Already Now With This Spread Offense. Josh Gattis Is Doing A Good Job Calling The Plays On The Sidelines. Communicating Better With The Players On The Sidelines As Well. Making Good Adjustments. Loving The No Huddle Also Too. Having A Good WR Core In The B1G Conference. They Have Been Unbelievable When The Season Has Rolled Along. Finding A Identity On Offense. Playing With Confidence, Determination, Pride, & Success. Having A Passion & Heart To Getting That Done For The Michigan Wolverines Football Team On Offense In 2019.

Trusting The Team & The Offensive Coaches At All Times At Practices & Games. Play With A Lot Of Intensity Right Now. Shea Has To Continue To Attack This Good Ohio State Buckeyes Defense On Saturday At The Big House In Ann Arbor. Find Ways To Attack This Good Ohio State Defense. Is To Throw The Football Down The Field All Game Long. Hit The Open Receiver In The Soft Zone Coverage. Be Aggressive With This Good Ohio State Buckeyes Defense. For Them To Get A Upset Victory At Home On Saturday. Attack Attack Attack. Ohio State Is Unbeaten In College Football. Find There Identity Once Again In This Big Rivalry Game At Home.

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