Darren Sporles Future Football Hall Of Famer.
25 October 2003: K-State player Darren Sproles runs a punt return past KU player’s for a touchdown in Kansas State Universities win 42-6 over Kansas University in Manhattan, KS. (Photo Courtesy of K-State Athletics)

Darren Sporles had a good 3-year career at RB for the Kansas State Wildcats in Manhattan. Played for the Legendary Head Coach Bill Snyder from 2001-03. Good RB & Receiver. Darren can do it all. Got Football Skills. Awesome Football Moves. For being 5-6. Hard to tackle Darren low. Just like Barry Sanders was with the Oklahoma State Cowboys & Detroit Lions. Barry was the Greatest RB of all-times in NFL History with the Detroit Lions. Darren had a good NFL Career with the San Diego Chargers, New Orleans Saints, & Philadelphia Eagles. Good Punt Returner. Good All-Purpose Back. Played with Drew Brees with the San Diego Chargers & New Orleans Saints. Darren is too short to play in the NFL at RB. Experts are wrong about Darren Sporles. Darren is a complete Football Player on Offense & Punt Returner. Good RB between the tackles & good receiver as well too. Good moves at RB. Good Football Mind & IQ. Development has been amazing. Future Football Hall Of Famer Coming From Darren Sporles In The Makings. Love watching him play for the Philadelphia Eagles & New Orleans Saints. Had a good relationship with Drew Brees. Dedicated all-around player. Seeing that one on display. Good competitor at practices & games. Good learner of the game. Doing it in the right way it is supposed to be at all-times. Football has been a passion for Darren Sporles growing up when he was a child. Born to play this good game he wanted to play now in the NFL. Smart player & doing it in the right way. Help the team out as much as he can. Bill Snyder is proud of Darren Sporles has accomplished thru out his career at Kansas State in College & in the NFL with the San Diego Chargers, New Orleans Saints, & Philadelphia Eagles. Enjoyed seeing him compete. Find Football Career.

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