Jim Harbaugh Is Got Assistant Coaches For The Michigan Wolverines Football Team.

Jim Harbaugh has made some good hires for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team in the last 3 years in Ann Arbor. Those Assistant Coaches have done a good job on the Recruiting Trail as well too in the last 2 years. Hiring outside the system. Making improvement along the way. Developing them right too. 2021 Class is on there way to having there best Recruiting Class in Jim Harbaugh Head Coaching Career in Ann Arbor. Having a New Offense Josh Gattis bought in. Help them along the way. Ed Warriner doing a good job as O-Line Coach & Recruiting has paid dividends as well too. Sherrone Moore, Shaun Nua, Brian Jean-Mary, Bob Shoop, Mike Zordich, Don Brown, & Ben McDaniels have done amazing job in the Recruiting Trail for the Maize & Blue. Jim Harbaugh is 47-18 overall as a Head Coach at his Alma Mater in his 5 years at the helm. Despite never beating Ohio State in his time as a Head Coach. Seeing why, they attack our weaknesses of our Defense in the last 2 years. Figure out some ideas how to get over the hump. Never won any Conference Titles as well. Things will change. New Offense has come on in the 2nd Half of the season in 2019. Scoring points on the scoreboard. Moving the Football very nicely. Defense improved as well except for the Ohio State Game at home in 2019. Played better against Alabama in the VRON Citrus Bowl Game on New Years Day in Orlando, FL.

Ed Warriner has been on fired in the 2021 Recruiting Class for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team. Recruited 4 4-Star Offensive Lineman in this bunch. Giovanni El-Hadi, Raheem Anderson, Greg Crippen, & Tristan Bounds. There on there way of getting Drew Kendall from Massachusetts as well too. 4-Star Recruit that plays OG. Seen improvements with the Offensive Line in the last 2 years for the Maize & Blue. Jim Harbaugh made a good hire in the off-season on February of 2018. Recruited some good 2019 Class on the Offensive Line as well too. Took 4 of them to the 2020 NFL Draft. Cesar Ruiz to the New Orleans Saints, Ben Bredeson to the Baltimore Ravens, Jon Runyan Jr to the Green Bay Packers, & Michael Onewnu to the New England Patriots. Jalen Mayfield only starter coming back from the 2019 squad at RT. 3-Star Recruit in the 2018 Class from Grand Rapids, MI. Turning out to be a good Offensive Tackle already now. Ryan Hayes another 3-Star Recruit in the 2018 Class from Traverse City, MI. Had 2 good games for the Maize & Blue in 2019. Did very well for Jon Runyan Jr position in the Middle Tennessee State & Army Game at home. Keep your eyes on Ryan Hayes at LT in 2020. Much better Athletic Offensive Line in 2020 for the Maize & Blue.

Josh Gattis did a very good job as OC/WR’s Coach for the 2019 Michigan Wolverines Football Team in Ann Arbor. Recruited very well in the last 2 years. Got 2 good 2020 Wide Receivers in that bunch he is high on. AJ Henning & Roman Wilson those are speedsters indeed. Recruited them very well in the 2020 Class. They will develop very nicely. Saw some improvements on Ronnie Bell as a True Sophomore. He wasn’t a big time recruit out of High School in the 2018 Class from Kansas City, MO. Good High School Basketball Player. Decided to play Football instead. Didn’t get any offers to play College Football. Took the Michigan Wolverines one instead. Doing very well already now. Nico Collins coming back for his Senior season in 2020. Saw what he did in the last 2 years at WR. Best jump ball WR in the B1G Conference. Indiana Game was amazing to watch out there. Career day on the road. 160 receiving yards & 3 TD receptions in the victory. Mike Sainristil & Giles Jackson are going to be special WR’s as well too. Saw some good impression on both of them as True Freshman in 2019. Cornelius Johnson has good tools too be a special WR as well too. Good speed & make things happen. 4-Star Recruit in the 2019 Class from Connecticut. #SpeedInSpace Concept & Spread Offense will take off in 2020. Couple of good ones coming up in the 2021 Class for the Maize & Blue. Markus Allen & Cristian Dixon is going to come as well too. Good WR’s already in the mixed in Ann Arbor.

Jim Harbaugh is got better assistant coaches already now for the Maize & Blue. Take it to another level of play. Recruiting Trail is already getting better & better by the minute in the 2021 Class in Ann Arbor. It is already Jim Harbaugh’s Best Recruiting Class he is had already now in the 2021 Class in Ann Arbor. Hiring outside Coaches away from his system. Having a new Offense setup & Josh Gattis is doing a good job on that one. Ed Warriner has improved that O-Line Unit in the last 2 years. Figure out now.

Go Blue Head Coach Jim Harbaugh……….

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