Payne Stewart Was A Good Golfer & Even A Great Guy To Be Around With In The Past Years On The PGA Tour.

I remember the 1999 US Open at Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina. Payne Stewart made the winning putt on the 72nd Hole of the 99th US Open on Father’s Day. Won that tournament with dignity & class. Hold off Phil Mickelson in this one. Payne was a good Golfer on the PGA Tour. True gentlemen of the Game of Golf. Respect everyone very nicely indeed. Did it in the right way. Well liked by everyone on the PGA Tour. Good Ball Striker & not a long ball hitter. Knew what he was doing out there anyways. Class Act Person. Win with class. Good personility on everyone else on the PGA Tour. Fans enjoy seeing do the right ways at the right time. Young golfers look up to Payne Stewart these days of ages. Made the Game of Golf a lot of fun out there. On October 25th, 1999 Payne Stewart died on a plane crash. Living in a great place now. Went to SMU to play College Golf in Fort Worth, TX. Seeing what Bryson DeChambeau has done on the PGA Tour now. Also went to SMU to play College Golf in Fort Worth, TX. Bryson won the 2015 NCAA Individual Title & US Amateur Title the same season. Enjoy seeing Payne Stewart win the 1999 US Open at Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina.

Shown good Sportsmanship to Phil Mickelson when he won the 99th US Open on this image. You are going to win a major. He did that one on Easter Sunday at the 2004 Masters in Augusta National in Augusta, GA. Payne saw that one at his great place where he is at now on Phil Mickelson winning the 2004 Masters. Mentor Phil Mickelson very nicely indeed. Class act as well. Came so closed to winning the 2006 US Open at Winged Foot. Made a unforced error on his tee shot on the 72nd Hole on Father’s Day. Never talked about that one at all. Never shouldn’t hit the Driver at all. Talked about that one too at the Press Conference. Remembers Payne Stewart’s playing days as well. Remember long par putt he made on the 72nd Hole at the 99th US Open in Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina. True Gentlemen To Phil Mickelson On Father’s Day On June 20th, 1999. Legendary Golfer On The PGA Tour……

Memories Of Payne Stewart On The PGA Tour……..

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