John Elway Told The Denver Broncos Football Team On Those Stuff Not To Do Out There.

John Elway told the whole Denver Broncos Football Team on those things we don’t out there anyways. They will not allow kneel before the National Anthem & before the game starts. John catches any of the players that do it they will be gone for good for this Organization. Zero Tolerance & Unacceptable on these things we don’t do at all. Disrespectful for our good Nation & Country United States Of America. John Elway fan in his playing days at QB & now the GM for this same team he played on too. Class Act. Went to a good College at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. Knows those things very well. Smart overall guy. They will not be allowed to kneel down during the National Anthem starts up before the game begins.

Go Denver Broncos QB & GM John Elway……..

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