Scott Seifferlein Is Doing Very Well For Himself These Days Of Ages We Live In Now.

Scott Seifferlein came back home for the Friday & Saturday Huron Shores 2-Man Invitational in Port Sanilac. They won this event for the 6th time in 13 years they played in this one. Over 46% they won it together. 1999, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2017, & 2020. They have been a good Father Son Tandem at this Huron Shores 2-Man Invitational. Dennis was his Coach in High School for the CPS Tigers in 1992-95. Best Golfer CPS Tigers ever had in School Record. Broke the School Record at the Peck Invitational at Willow Tree Golf Course in Melvin in his Senior Year in High School shot a -4 66 on a beautiful Friday Morning conditions in 1995. His Class of 1996 at CPS HS was a Special Group they had out there. Cory & Clayton Upper, Andrew Sherman, & Jeremy Dust. Good core of them indeed. They where fun to watch for sure. Golf has been his passion he grew up playing when he was a young kid. Played 45 Holes a day at Huron Shores Golf Course. His Dad had a Heart Attack in 2012. Overcame that one nicely. Doing very well for himself these days of ages we live in now. 72 years old. Raise his Son very well. Good Golf Course Knowledges at Huron Shores Golf Course in Port Sanilac. Showing you why, they won the 2020 Huron Shores Invitational on Saturday Night. CPS HS Golf Legend.

Scott Seifferlein had a good College Golf Career for the Ferris State Bulldogs in Big Rapids, MI in 1996-00. Played in the Division 2 College Golf Level. Had a Top 25 Finish in the Division 2 National Championship Individuals in 2000. Got his Major in Pro Golf Management to his Degree on the PGA Instructor stuff. Does his Golf Teaching right now in Grand Rapids, MI. Knows his Golf very well from Top 2 Bottom. Loves to play with the best of them. Doing very well for himself these days of ages we live in now. Glad to see him Home on Friday & Saturday. Good mind of the game very well. Good putter & ball striker. Not a long ball hitter. He is in excellent shape these days of ages we live in now. Good passion about the game. Teaches good Golf stuff very well. Knows what he is talking about. Smart individual. Seeing him doing it on year in & year out basis in Golf. Knows what club to hit & what shot he needs to shoot at the flag. Good all-around Golfer. Seeing why, he is got his major in Pro Golf Management from Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI.

Scott & Dennis Seifferlein do very well on there warmup drills on the putting green before they play there round together. They made 19 putts on Friday at the 2-Man Invitational at Huron Shores in Port Sanilac. Shot a 61 on Friday. Made 8 putts on the Front & 11 putts on the Back. Incredible indeed. That is why, they are a good Father Son Tandem in this Tournament they played in on Friday & Saturday. Shot 61 on Saturday once again. That is why, they won this 2-Man Invitational 6 times out of the 13 years they played in. Over 46% they won this tournament. That is why, they are a good Father Son Tandem in Golf you can ever see out there anyways. They work together as a unit. Showing you they won 6 times at Huron Shores Invitational in Port Sanilac.

Go CPS Tigers Dennis & Scott Seifferlein………..

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