AJ Hinch Taking Over As Manager For The 2021 Detroit Tigers Baseball Team.

AJ Hinch taking over as Manager for the 2021 Detroit Tigers Baseball Team. Had a good run for the Houston Astros Baseball Team during his tenure there as Manager. Won a World Series Title in 2017. Went back to the 2019 World Series & lose to the Washington Nationals in 7 games at home. Cheating Scandal went thru & got fired as Manager of the Houston Astros Baseball Team. Got suspended for a year with that Cheating Scandal in 2020. He will learn his mistake on that one coming up in the near future for the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team. AJ is really good with the Young Players. Detroit has good young players in the Farm System right now in the Minor Leagues. Ranks 2nd best in the MLB in the Farm System. Ron Gardenhire did a fantastic job in the rebuilding department in the last 3 years as Manager of this Ball Club. Retired on September 19th with Health Issues he was going thru now. 3 Good MLB Draft Picks For The Detroit Tigers. AJ is good with the young players anyways. Keep on Drafting good young players in the 2021 MLB Draft in June. AJ is a good Baseball Mind Guy. Knows what he is doing out there anyways. Loves the game. GM Al Avila has made good hires on the last 2 Managers for the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team. Ron Gardenhire in 2017 & AJ Hinch in 2020. Future Is Bright Once Again For The Detroit Tigers Baseball Team In The Upcoming Years. Rebuilding Process has been ahead of schedule already now. It will keep on going for more years to come in Detroit. Heading in the right direction now. Comerica Park In Detroit will packing that Ball Park up once again. AJ Hinch is the right man for this job now. Can’t wait to see him Manage this Ball Club in 2021-present. AJ Hinch is a good Baseball Man Period. They will play hard for this Manager just like they did with Ron Gardenhire in the last 3 years. See some good results for this team coming once again in Detroit.

Go Detroit Tigers Baseball Manager AJ Hinch & Congratulations On This Job He Got On Friday……….. Got A Good Baseball Guy Already There Coming Up In 2021-Present……….

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