David Ross Has Done A Good Job As Manager For The 2021 Chicago Cubs Baseball Team.

David Ross has a good job as Manager for the 2021 Chicago Cubs Baseball Team at Wrigley Field in Chicago. 32-24 on the 2021 MLB campaign so far. 1st Place in the National League Central Division right now too. Got a nice core of players on this squad. They have bought into his System already now in his 2nd year at the helm on the North Side of Chicago. Took over for Joe Maddon at the same position in 2020. Joe did a great job with this organization during his tenure in Chicago. Guide them to a World Series Title in 2016 in Game 7 of the World Series at Progressive Field in Cleveland. Broke the curse that night too. David was the Catcher on that 2016 Chicago Cubs Baseball Team. Replacing Joe Maddon already now. Javy Baez & Kris Bryant have been doing very well for this Team in 2021. Nice winning streak now. Swept the series over the San Diego Padres on Wednesday at Wrigley Field. Become a good MLB Manager already now. Learn a lot of stuff now as a Manager. Good mindset about Baseball period. Seeing that one too. Impressive stuff we have seen now. Go from one good Manager to another good Manager once again for the Chicago Cubs Baseball Team now at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Go Chicago Cubs Baseball Team Manager David Ross.

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