Jayden Reed Didn’t Have Possession Of The Football When He Dropped The Receptions To The Ground.

Jayden Reed didn’t have possession of the Football when he was on the ground & lost the handle of that reception in the 4th Quarter of the Michigan State Spartans vs Michigan Wolverines on Halloween at The Big House in Ann Arbor. Official missed that call & setup Michigan State for a GW TD on that drive. I was Jim Harbaugh take that Official in to the B1G Conference Office this week on that Jayden Reed play on 3rd & 3 that was a incomplete pass on that play I saw out there. Didn’t have possession of the Football at all. Cost the Michigan Wolverines Football Team a victory at home on Halloween in Ann Arbor. Didn’t review that play at all. Poor Officiating Job on them anyways. All Game Long Too. Missed that one for sure.

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