Alex Highsmith Is Going To Be The One To Step For The Pittsburgh Steelers At OLB.

Alex Highsmith played 4 years in College Football for the Charlotte 49ers in C-USA. Standout OLB/DE in the last 2 years for Head Coach Will Healy in Charlotte. Got him ready to play in the NFL Level. Got Drafted in the 3rd Round of the 2020 NFL Draft in April by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 102nd overall pick. Good speed & power to get to the QB for this Steel Curtain Defense. Good career in College on Defense. Show them to he can replace Bud Dupree’s position. Suffered a ACL Knee Injury in the 4th Quarter of the Baltimore Ravens Game at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh on Wednesday Night in a 19-14 victory. Be 11-0 on the 2020 NFL Season. Head Coach Mike Tomlin & DC Keith Butler are trusting Alex Highsmith’s skills in the next 5 games of the 2020 NFL Season.

Alex Highsmith is going to have to put on a showcase for the remaining of the 2020 season for the Steel Curtain Defense at OLB. Devin Bush Jr suffered a ACL Knee Injury against the Cleveland Browns at home early on in the season in a 38-7 victory over there rivals. Bud Dupree suffered a ACL Knee Injury against the Baltimore Ravens on Wednesday at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh in a 19-14 victory over there rivals too. TJ Watt has to take his game to another level too at the OLB/DE position. Alex has quite of bit in his Rookie Season for the Steel Curtain Defense in 2020. Had a INT & Fumble Recovery for them. Make a good impression for the rest of the season for Bud Dupree’s position on Defense. 11-0 on the campaign. Good young Defense right now in Pittsburgh. Head Coach Mike Tomlin is trusting his skill sets for now on in 2020. DC Keith Butler is gotta get Alex Highsmith going too this week & for now on. Good skills. Put it on display for the fans on TV & for the team too. No. 1 Defense in the NFL right now. Everyone else has to step up too. Still a good Defense no matter what without Devin Bush Jr & Bud Dupree on that 3-4 Defense they play in the NFL. Nasty Defense Indeed. Alex will show he can do it too. Believe in this guy too. Know how to develop players in this Organization for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL. Be part of this good Franchise in the NFL.

Go Charlotte 49ers & Pittsburgh Steelers OLB/DE Alex Highsmith………..

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