Ryan Wilson Does A Good Job As Varsity Volleyball Head Coach For The Cros-Lex Pioneers…….


Ryan Wilson has done a good job as Head Coach for the Cros-Lex Pioneers Volleyball Team. Got mentor very well from Michelle (Huber) McCulloch in 2007-10. Learn a lot of things in his time being with Michelle. Guide Ryan to succeed now as a Varsity Head Coach. Took over in 2011 & he has been there since then. Math Teacher at Cros-Lex HS. Math helps everyone to become a good Sports Head Coach in HS or any other level. Won 6 BWAC Conference Titles as Head Coach at Cros-Lex. Good understanding of the Game of Volleyball. Credit Michelle on a job well done in the mentoring department. North Branch Broncos Volleyball Head Coach Jim Fish said that Ryan is a good Volleyball Head Coach. Jim is right about that one. Likes the JV Volleyball Team in the Class of 2025. Mention that one to me 3 years ago. Liked that bunch when they come to his Volleyball Camp every year. Learn a lot of stuff from Ryan. There in the slow player development program. Love that slow player development process. Don’t have to hit your peak right away. They take there time on that one now. Undefeated a year ago on the Freshman Volleyball Team. Good Freshman Head Coach right now in Ryan’s system. Rebecca Oden is the JV Volleyball Head Coach in 2022. Played for Ryan Wilson in her days in HS in the Class of 2017. Winning 300th career wins in 2019. Gotta more work to get in the Michigan Volleyball Head Coaches Hall of Fame. Told me that one too. Smart individual guy overall. Ryan does a lot of work in the program. Dedicated Year Head Coach. Golf Coach for Dennis Fabbri at Lakeview Hills Golf Course in Lexington for a few years. Good 2011 Class with his nephew Ryan Fabbri, Jimmy Grout, Dennis Junga, & Steve Sharon. Dennis Fabbri’s Son Nick was on that squad in the Class of 2010. Good run of that one too. Keep that trend going for more to come yet for Ryan Wilson & company……..



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