Cass City Red Hawks 🏐 Team 2022 GTCW Division Champions.


Cass City Red Hawks 🏐 Team got a share of the 2022 GTCW Division Title with the Bad Axe 🪓 on Thursday Night at Vassar HS. Got a 3-0 win over the Vassar Valcuns on the road to wrap up GTCW Division 🏐 Action. Unbeaten in GTCW Division Action on the road. Split the series over the Bad Axe 🪓 on the road. Lose to the Bad Axe 🪓 at home a month ago. Got them at there place a few weeks ago in 3 sets. Vassar is a much better squad than they where before. Zach Fish has done a good job with the players he is got now in progress. Put up a good fight in the 3 set lost at home to a really good Cass City squad. Kept them ahead of schedule in the last 3 years. Good chance to get more wins in 2022 then in 2021. They are building the program already now in progress. Good hire they made out there anyways in 2020. Like the way he is doing now. Cass City had a lot of returning players off the team in 2021. They live up to there expectations in 2022. More to play yet still in the postseason. In the Harbor Beach District next week. They went to the Division 3 Regional Championship Game on November 11th, 2021 at Caro HS. Lose in 5 sets to the Division 3 State Champions Reese 🚀. Went to a Tournament earlier this year in Muskegon. That squad went to the Division 3 Semifinals at Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek. They where the No. 1 Team in Division 3 in 2021. Had a nice showing at that event. Help them out there anyways. Head Coach Amy Cuthrell has done a good job with that department in her time being there in Cass City. Not Satisfied With Any Outcome Of Any Game You Played In Out There Anyways. More to come yet now. Postseason that is where it counts the most. Go for it all now…… Lose one time in the postseason your done. They don’t want that one to happen for the Cass City Red Hawks 🏐 Team next week in Harbor Beach in District Action…..




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