Miguel Cabrera Final Season For The 2023 Detroit Tigers ⚾ Team….


Miguel Cabrera is a Florida Marlins & Detroit Tigers ⚾ Legend. Played for the Marlins in 2003-07 & Tigers in 2008-23. Been a fun ride indeed to play on both organization. Love watching him play in the Old English D Uniform in his time being there at Comerica Park in Detroit. Going to retire after the 2023 MLB season is over in Detroit. Remember Forever Now & Never Forgotten About That One Too. Lots of great memories in the past years. No one will wear the No. 24 Jersey for the Detroit Tigers ⚾ Team. That No. 24 Jersey will be retired at Comerica Park in Detroit in the future years. From Venezuela. Good ⚾ Tradition in Venezuela. Seeing A lot of them shine in the MLB in Venezuela in the past & present years. Going to be in the ⚾ Hall of Fame in the upcoming years ahead of time. Played for these Managers in Detroit. Jim Leyland in 2008-13, Brad Ausmus in 2014-17, Ron Gardenhire in 2018-20, & AJ Hinch in 2021-23. Fans will miss Miggy play in the Old English D Uniform after the 2023 season is over. Detroit Tigers ⚾ Legend. Enjoy retirement next year……. Love Miguel Cabrera…….



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