San Francisco 49ers Is Going To Be The Team To Watch Out For In The NFC Playoffs.


San Francisco 49ers is going to be the team to watch out there in the NFC Playoffs. They went to the NFC Conference Championship Game on January 30th at So-Fi Stadium in Los Angeles. Had the lead on the Los Angeles Rams & lost the game at the end of the day. Los Angeles Rams went to be Super Bowl LVI Champions on February 13th on Sunday Night 🏈 on NBC. Beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 at So-Fi Stadium in Los Angeles. 49ers Defense has been unbelievable in the last 2 years. Head Coach Kyle Shanahan has done a good job with that unit in the last 6 years. Gotta lot of good talent on that side of the 🏈. DC DeMeco Ryans has done a good job with that unit. Replace Robert Saleh at that position. Defense Wins Games & Championships In Sports Period. You will see this core make another good run in the postseason once again now. They got the personnel to get it done once again now in San Francisco. Defense takes you a long ways away in the postseason in all of sports. That is why, San Francisco 49ers has it in them. I like there chances making a good run in the postseason in January.



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