Jaden Ivey & Jalen Duren Top 5 Rookies For The Detroit Pistons 🏀 Team…..

Jaden Ivey & Jalen Duren Top 5 NBA Rookies. Having a good season overall for the Detroit Pistons 🏀 Team. There 17-64 on the season. Both of them have been unbelievable for Head Coach Dwayne Casey all season long. Cade Cunningham is on the injured list. He would make a good difference for this roster. GM Troy Weaver is building a good team in the upcoming years ahead of time now in Detroit. Both of them got Drafted by this organization in the 2022 NBA Draft in June. From the Purdue Boilermakers & Memphis Tigers respectively. More pieces to fill out there anyways. Both of them are making a good impression for this squad all season long. Get another good NBA Draft Pick in 2023. Dwayne Casey will part ways as Head Coach after the next game. One more game left for the 2022-23 NBA season for the Detroit Pistons 🏀 Team.



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