Almont Raiders 🏈 Team 2023 BWAC Champions….

Head Coach James Leusby & 2023 Almont Raiders Football Team had a goal in the beginning of the 2023 season. Be BWAC Champs. Mission has accomplished. Won the 1st stage. Job isn’t done yet still in regular season. Take on a good Ogemaw Heights squad to close the regular season at home on Friday Night. Business to take care of 1st this week. Get a good week in. Set a good example for everyone else. Beat the Cros-Lex Pioneers 2 years in a row. I was at their, Week 6 matchup at Almont HS. No one had, Almont winning that game. Proved the experts wrong about that one. Get a 30-20 win. Finish the last 2 games in the BWAC on the road. Get a 42-7 win over the Richmond Blue Devils in Week 7. Finish it the right way on Saturday Night against the Yale Bulldogs 47-19. Go 8-0 on the season. 2023 squad is better than the last 3 years. James has a good core of young talent on display now. Strong JV squad. This group has really good attitudes then they did in the last 3 years. Revamp the Coaching Staff around this off-season. Paid dividends to wins then losses. Not satisfied at all period. Keep improving as a team & go from their on out.

John Forti has done a good job with the Almont Raiders Defense in 2023. Took over for Dan Walker’s position this off-season. Seeing good results on the playing field. Players like Dan Walker. They do like John Forti at that position now. Start the season with 3 shutouts to Marysville, Algonac, & Imlay City. Gauntlet schedule started to come. They respond very well with that department. North Branch, Armada, & Cros-Lex all good Teams on the schedule in the BWAC. Did good work. Have to play a tough schedule. It will help them in the postseason. Potential to make a long run in Division 6. Saw their Defense make stops 4 different times against the Cros-Lex Pioneers 2 weeks at home in a 30-20. Red Zone Defense is important to have success at any level of Football you play out there. Why, their 8-0 on the campaign. Defense Wins Games & Championships In Sports.


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