Delaney St. George All-Time Leading In Kingston Cardinals Girls Basketball Team History…….

Delaney St. George is got good teammates to help her out nicely. Only lost was to the Goodrich Martians on the road in Non-Conference Action at Goodrich HS. Had them down by 2 points late in the game. Force to foul & made all 8 free throws. Lose by 10 points. Good Division 2 opponent they went up against on the road. Good core of talent in her Class of 2024 at Kingston HS. Walker Sisters are dedicated players. Lots of good role players as well too. Everyone came back from this year’s roster they had a year ago. 10-1 on the season. Team goal is to win the Division 4 State Championship Title this season. Set in the summer time & also in the beginning of the season. Delaney’s work ethic & understanding of the game was remarkable indeed. Good attitude & good work ethic as well. Her knowledges of the game is impressive. Help one another to succeed along the road ahead. They are 10-1 on the season now. Job ain’t done yet. Take on a good Division 1 opponent Lake Orion Dragons next week at Lake Orion HS. Good test for this unit moving forward to the season arrives. Delaney is a smart Basketball player on the way around. Good mindset of the game. Win at the end of the day. They are in this stage they are in now. More work to do out there anyways. Not satisfied at all.

Her teammates congratulated Delaney on being the all-time leading scorer in school history on Thursday Night at Kingston HS. Broke Leigha Wilmot all-time scoring list in the 1st Quarter. Get an 83-31 win over the Peck Pirates in NCTL action. Getting the privilege to play for Head Coach Jay Green. Been on Varsity for 3 years. In the Class of 2024. Well liked by the Kingston Community. Her teammates are proud of her accomplishments on the playing court. Good student of the game & also in the classroom. Studies the game very well & also in the school. Do the right thing for everyone else. Win with Dignity & Class. Been a lot of good players that came in to the Kingston Cardinals Girls Basketball Program in the past years. Joins with a good company of them. Having the privilege to wear the Kingston Cardinals Basketball Uniform. Very discipline bunch of individuals on the roster. Play good team Basketball on a game in & game out. Support one another to succeed in the upcoming years ahead. Came up short in the Division 4 Quarterfinal Game on March 14th, 2023 at Mt. Morris HS. Lose by 4 points to the Fowler Eagles. They were in that game the whole time around. They want to beat Fowler or Portland St. Patrick this season. That is the team goal for this unit. Playing a tough non-conference schedule this season. Did good against the Goodrich Martians on the road. Good Division 2 opponent they went up against.

Head Coach Jay Green has a good trophy collection already now in store. Delaney is getting to play for a good Head Coach like Jay Green. Jay has a good savior to this program for everyone else. Delany St. George likes playing for a good Head Coach like Jay Green is in Kingston. Jay has been impressed of what Delaney has done in his system. Top 3 Team in Division 4. They won 5 Regionals in the last 8 years. Get over this stage. They went Calvin College in Grand Rapids in 2019 when Delaney was in 7th grade. Lose to the St. Ignace Saints in the Division 4 Semifinals. They wanna go to the Breslin Center in East Lansing this season. Win it all for this Kingston Community. Take that step. Delaney knows it & so does everyone else on the roster. Leigha Wilmot is proud of Delaney St. George broke her school record for being the all-time leading in school history. Kingston Cardinals Girls Basketball Team has a good tradition & family as well too.

Kingston has a good following at every home game they go to. Support this small community. Follow their team everywhere they go to play at. Good foundation already now in progress. Jay Green does a very good job as a Head Coach for the Kingston Cardinals Girls Basketball Team on a year in & year out basis. This a special bunch of individuals in the program they got now in store. Watch Delaney St. George & company have in common. Saw them twice already. Cass City & Peck on the schedule. Fortunate enough to see Delaney break Leigha Wilmot’s all-time leading scorer in school history on Thursday Night at Kingston HS. Do it against the Peck Pirates at home 83-31. Good supporting cast on hand as well too. Beat the Deckerville Eagles on Monday Night in NCTL action. Good team everyone needs to go out & see them play this season……


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