Alexis Booms Was Solid For The Bad Axe Hatchets Softball Team In The Division 3 Regional Semifinals Against The Millington Cardinals In The Lost On Saturday.

Alexis Booms shown me good impression in the Division 3 Regional Semifinal Game for the Bad Axe Hatchets Softball Team on Saturday against the No. 1 Team in the State of Michigan the Millington Cardinals at there place. Had 2 hits off there Ace Pitcher for the Millington Cardinals Softball Team Ashley Ziel. Scored there only run for the team as well too. Made some remarkable Defensive Plays in that contest. Kept them in that game. Pure Athlete all the way around. Amazing Speed around the bases & cover ground as well too. Can’t Coach Speed At All. You have it or you don’t have it. Alexis has amazing speed indeed. Dedicated all around Athlete year round. Lead by examples for the Coaches & Young Players on the team. Well liked by the Bad Axe Community & also in School. Head Coach Greg Newland was proud of her & what she did all season long. Won 25 Games in 2021. Be District Champions for the 1st time since 1999. GTCW Division is loaded indeed. Put up a good fight in the lost to the Millington Cardinals at there place on Saturday in a 6-1 lost. Bring back memories in the future years ahead of Alexis. Going to play for the SC4 Skippers Softball Team next season in Port Huron. She can play in the next level. Has a good Relationship with Head Coach Ron Matthews already now. Ron watch Alexis play a couple of times in 2021. Put on a good showcase for & everyone else on Saturday in Millington. Display was impressive to watch out there. Amazing Athletic Ability. Hard working individual year round. Good Grades in School. Student of the game & listen to details each & everytime down. Knows what she needs to do out there. Go at it 110% at all times. Graduated already now at Bad Axe HS. Good season overall for the Bad Axe Hatchets Softball Team. Remember that one for a long time coming up. You will help out the SC4 Skippers Softball Team in the next 2 years in Port Huron. Greg Newland is proud of her season in 2021. Will help out Ron Matthews in the next 2 years. Both of them liked Alexis Booms anyways. Snowcoming Queen in her Bad Axe HS Class of 2021. Impressive stuff to talk about as well too. Congratulations to Alexis Booms on a fine season overall. Next journey is up for Alexis Booms in the makings now started.

Go Bad Axe Hatchets & SC4 Skippers Softball Team Alexis Booms…………

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