Goodrich Martians Girls 🏀 Team Division 2 District Champions….

Goodrich Martians Girls 🏀 Team. 2024 Division 2 District Champions. Beat the Lake Fenton Blue Devils 3 times this season. Not easy to beat any opponent 3 times in a season at all period. It happens a lot in the past & present years. It did happen to the Goodrich on Friday Night at North Branch HS. Won the Flint Metro Conference 🏀 Title this season. 24-0 overall record. Head Coach Jason Gray has collected 2 Championship 🏆 this year. Building a great Legacy already now in progress. Done a phenomenal job in his 24 years as Head Coach for the Goodrich Martians Girls 🏀 Team. Took over in 1999. Jason knows his stuff very well. Good young talented team this year. Saw them beat the Frankenmuth Eagles in the regular season at Frankenmuth HS. Good team they beat out there. Lost to them in the Division 2 Semifinals on St. Patrick’s Day at the Breslin Center in East Lansing. 38-31 lost. Got revenge this time around in the regular season on the road. They lost a lot of talent a year ago. Good core of Sophomores in the program. Playing very well this year. Jason Gray has collected a good amount of hardware at Goodrich HS. Won over 400 games in his amazing career. Had really good talent while he took over in 1999. Went 20-0 in the regular season in his 1st year at the helm. Kept on going for more to come yet still. Great Tradition in Girls 🏀 for the Goodrich Martians in the past & present years. They’ve had amazing talent over the past years. Girls look up to those players see what they did. Carry that one too. See them do amazing things on a year in & year out basis. Jason is the best one available for this position he is in now. Girls buy into his system very well. See, wins in the column. They are 2024 Division 2 District Champions once again. Celebrate on Friday Night. Back to work on Saturday & Sunday. Take on the 18-3 Armada Tigers in the Division 2 Regional Semifinal Game at home on Monday Night. Not satisfied at all. Keep plugging along & improve on some things in practice this weekend. Unfinished business to handle yet still to come. Congratulations on 2 titles this year. You want more to play for yet still to come. Job ain’t done yet. Things to clean up in practice this weekend.


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