Al DeMott Is Now The President Of The BCAM

Al DeMott is now the President of the BCAM. Amazing Head Coaching Career in his 40 years for the Sandusky Redskins Girls Basketball Team & Program. Won 753 career victories in 40 years. 2nd all-time winningest Head Coach in MHSAA Girls History. Been a fun ride indeed. Love watching him coach on a year in & year out basis. Al is a class act person. Not only he is a great coach & he even a great guy as well too. Wins with Class. Hard working individual on a year in & year out basis. These girls work hard for him all the time. Dedicated all around Head Coach year round. Took a lot of Girls to play College Basketball. BCAM Hall of Fame Head Coach & got his name on the Basketball Court at Sandusky HS. Got a good passion about the Game of Basketball. Loyal & Friendly Guy. Cares about those girls do on a timing basis. They respect Al DeMott. So does the other Team Coaches. Good demeanor about doing his job done right. Made a lot of friends in the past years. He was a Gym Teacher, Counselor, Athletic Director, Business Owner, & Head Coach in the past years. Respect our community very well. Got good support from everyone else Coaching his team up every year. Great parents & players support of Al DeMott. Legendary Head Coach. Administrators respect Al & so does everyone else. Does it in Dignity & Class. Does amazing things for these girls. We been blessed for that one. I did stats for Al DeMott for 4 years on the team. True winner. Proud of him getting to be the President of the BCAM & so is everyone else. Best squad he had was in 1999 that went to the Class C State Finals & lose to the St. Ignace Saints at Rose Arena in Mt. Pleasant, MI. That 1999 Class C State Championship Game in Girls Basketball was super packed that day. Had to be there early & often. Hard to get in that day. Crazy they fill that placed for a Class C State Championship Game in Mt. Pleasant. So full. My Sister Susie played on that 1999 Class C State Championship Game for the Legendary Head Coach Al DeMott. Very good Defender, Shooter, & Cherry Picker. She was a lefty. She was glad to play for a Legend Head Coach in High School. Good player. So many great teams Al DeMott put out there in his amazing career. One of the 5 best Sandusky Redskins Boys Basketball Players of all-times in School History. 1973 Sandusky HS Graduated. Homecoming King in his Class of 1973. Been so glad to see him do awesome things to Sandusky. 65 years old. Doing very well for himself these days of ages we live in now. With this Coronavirus Pandemic still going on now. Character is amazing. True Gentlemen to everyone else. Congratulations on being President of the BCAM. We are Fortunate to see a great guy like Al DeMott does to everyone else to succeed in the highest level of play you wanna be at in the future. Proud of his accomplishments. Super good about these things he needs to be done at all times.

Go Sandusky Redskins Girls Basketball Head Coach Al DeMott…………..

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