Max Scherzer’s Homecoming Was A Successful One Indeed On Sunday At Comerica Park In Detroit, MI.

Max Scherzer went 8 innings & had 14 Strikeouts & 115 pitches for the Washington Nationals on Sunday against the Detroit Tigers. Got the victory as well. Enjoyed watching him pitch for the Detroit Tigers in 2010-14. Had a good career for us. Cy Young Award Winner in the American League in 2013. Gotten even better he left the Detroit Tigers. Went to the Washington Nationals in 2015-present in Washington DC. Threw 2 No Hitters In 2015. He also had 20 Strikeouts in that one against his former team at home in 2016. He has the Changeup in the MLB. He is a good old schooled pitcher. Jack Morris was talking about Max Scherzer on Sunday in Detroit. Played on 3 MLB Teams. Arizona Diamondbacks in 2008-09. Got Drafted By The Arizona Diamondbacks in the 1st Round of the 2006 MLB Draft from the Missouri Tigers. Gotten better when he left the Arizona Diamondbacks & went to the Detroit Tigers in 2010-14. Gotten even better with the Washington Nationals in 2015-present. He is having a good MLB Career from 2008-present. His workouts has been unbelievable in the off-season. Keeping his body in good shape. Good Work Ethics as well too. Doing it the right way at the right time of his brilliant career in the MLB. Loves to compete, his a good passion about playing Baseball, & wants to win no matter what he does these days of ages. Wants to be out there anyways for the team to be successful down the road. Future Hall Of Famer in the future Max Scherzer is. 3rd fastest pitcher in MLB History to get 2500 career strikeouts, 3rd fastest to pitch in many innings as he does, 3rd fastest to have as many pitches pitch in his career for 3 MLB Teams. Enjoyed Watching Max Scherzer Pitch With The Detroit Tigers Baseball Team In 2010-14.

Congratulations To Max Scherzer On Your Brilliant Performance Against The Detroit Tigers Baseball Team On Sunday At Comerica Park In Detroit, MI. Homecoming Was A Successful One Indeed. We Still Love Max Scherzer Pitch No Matter What People Say.

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