Shane Greene Is Going To Be Traded On A Good Team In The MLB Trading Deadline On July 31st.
Apr 19, 2015; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Shane Greene (61) pitches in the first inning against the Chicago White Sox at Comerica Park. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Shane Greene is going to be on the trading deadline on July 31st, 2019. Some good team needs a good closer to make a good run at the 2019 MLB Post-Season in October. Pitch very well in the 2019 MLB All-Star Game for the American League at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday Night in the 7th inning. Didn’t get any strikeouts in that game. But made them hit the Baseball for the teammates to make a play for Shane Greene in that game. They did that one. American League Won The 2019 MLB All-Star Game At Progressive Field In Cleveland, Ohio. Having a good season as a Closer for the 2019 Detroit Tigers Baseball Team. Despite not winning a lot of games for 2nd Year Manager Ron Gardenhire in Detroit. They are rebuilding in the right way for the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team. Shane Greene would like to get on a good MLB that is contending for the 2019 MLB Post-Season. Some Good MLB Team Would Want Shane Greene To Be A Closer On The Squad To Make A Good Run At The Post-Season In October. He would do good at it. Get good prospects for Shane Greene as well too. He is becoming a good closer already now. Bounce back very nicely from the end of the season he had a year ago for the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team for 1st Year Manager Ron Gardenhire. Bounce back nicely in 2019. Having good work ethics in practices & games. Having good dedications of the game of Baseball. Loves to play on a good MLB Team on the Trading Deadline that needs a good closer on July 31st, 2019. Enjoyed watching Shane Greene pitch at the closers role for the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team in the last 2 season in Detroit. He will pitch very well what ever team gets him in the MLB Trading Deadline. Has a good sinker & breaking ball, & slider. Not the hardest throwing pitcher & knows what he is doing on the mound at the closers role for the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team.

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