Josh Gattis Is Recruiting Speed On Offense For The 2020 Class For The Michigan Wolverines Football Team.

Josh Gattis has done a remarkable job in the recruiting department for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team in the 2020 Class on Offense. Recruiting Team Speed is a good thing. Ohio State beat the Michigan Wolverines with Team Speed in the last 7 years. Now it is the time for Jim Harbaugh to take the revenge now. Urban Meyer is gone as Head Coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes Football Team & Program. Josh Gattis is a good recruiter as well. It shows that stat already now. Speed In Space. Got a lot of good ones with Speed already now in the 2020 Class. Running a new Offense is called the Up-Tempo No Huddle Power Spread Offense he is bringing in now to the Maize & Blue. Ohio State, Florida, Notre Dame, & Penn State beat Michigan on this Offense in the last 4 season. Speed In Space. Jim Harbaugh wanted to hire him in 2017. Wasn’t available to be in his staff. Now he is there. Speed Kills In Football. 2020 Recruiting Class for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team is on a roll now. Got a lot of good speedsters in this 2020 Class. 2019 has good speedsters as well too. Despite never called plays before. He is getting his opportunity to see he is going to be a good play caller in 2019. Players love playing for Josh Gattis already now. Bringing in good enthusiasm for the squad as well. He is the one guy can recruit very well in College Football. It has shown that one on the stat sheet now in Ann Arbor. Had good success at Vanderbilt, Penn State, & Alabama in the past years before arriving to Ann Arbor, MI in 2019. They got the personal to run this Offense already now. Good WR’s Coach.

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