Devin Bush Jr Is A Good One To Have On The Pittsburgh Steelers 3-4 Defense.

Devin Bush Jr is going to make this Pittsburgh Steelers Defense to elite bunch again in the future. Head Coach Mike Tomlin was glad to have him on the squad. Steel Curtain Defense hasn’t been very strong at all in the last 2 season. Devin Bush Jr is going to make that one special again. 3-4 Defense is a good blitzing scheme for him to play on. Devin Bush Jr is got a good place to be on now. Playing on a good organization. They have one of the best managements in the NFL. Rooney’s are one of the best owners in the NFL. They have done it for a long time. They know what there doing. Devin Bush Jr is on the right team now in the NFL. Pittsburgh Steelers will have a Top 5 Defense in the NFL this coming fall. Devin has incredible speed. He can go side to side & sideline to sideline really fast & really well. He is going to be a special LB for the Pittsburgh Steelers & also in the NFL. He had a good 2 years for the Michigan Wolverines Defense. Don Brown loves Devin Bush Jr at LB. Devin is a brutal tough guy. This is perfect place for him to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL now. Steel Curtain Defense is going to back now. They are also my favorite team in the NFL also too. Always was a Devin Bush Jr Fan for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team. He is hard hitting LB at all times. Knows where the Football is at all times as well too. Has a good understanding of the game of Football very well. Loves to compete. Wants to win. Hates to lose. He has good nose to the Football is going to be at. Good Around LB On Defense. This is a good team for Devin Bush Jr to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers at LB for now on in the NFL. Defense Wins Games & Championships Period….

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