Jeremy Ferman Is Building A Good Football Program For The North Branch Broncos Already Now.

Jeremy Ferman ran a good Football Camp 3 weeks ago for the North Branch Broncos at North Branch HS. Covered there camp on that Monday. He build a good program for the Almont Raiders from 2004-14. Coached the best BWAC Conference of all-times in the 2014 Almont Raiders. They where unreal out there. Defense was amazing to watch as well. A year ago he had a good 2018 North Branch Broncos Football Team. Went 8-3 overall record. Went 1-8 in 2017. Turn it around a year. Won TSA Coach Of The Year Award. Best Head Coach In The Whole Thumb Area. I called that one they where going to be the most improved squad in 2018. Watch out for them in 2019. Building a good Foundation & Program already now for the North Branch Broncos Football Team. He knows his Football very well. Knows what he is doing. They will be a Playoff Team again in 2019. He is my guy to watch out there get the players to buy in more & more to come. He is a program builder anyways. Knows his Football very well from Top 2 Bottom. His players where helping the kids for North Branch to be something special. Loves to the game for the High School kids these days of ages. Wants to win. Players love playing for him anyways. One of my favorite guys to be around with these days of ages. Very nice guy…. Doing in style & class. Best one to have in your staff. Loves to be there for everyone in the community of North Branch. Almont players love playing for Jeremy Ferman as well too. Knows what you expect from you all the time. Knows your capabilities & stuff out there. Believing in yourself & your teammates & other coaches around also. He is the right guy for the job right now at North Branch. They will be good in 2019. Watch & See.

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