Don Brown Is Going To Have A Top 5 Defense Still In College Football For The Michigan Wolverines In 2019.

Don Brown is going to have the fastest Defense he is ever had for the 2019 Michigan Wolverines Football Team in Ann Arbor. Despite losing a whole lot of them a year ago to Graduation or going to the NFL Draft. He is still got a lot of good ones still on the team. I remember in 2017. No one didn’t have them being a Top 5 Defense 2 years ago. They where a Top 5 Defense for being a young team. A year ago they where miserable in the 2 losses of the season. Giving 103 points on the scoreboard in the last 2 games. Ohio State put up 62 on them & Florida put up 41 on them. Unacceptable indeed. Now it is a new season. Having Josh Gattis there as OC is going to help out the Defense this coming fall. We will be a Top 5 Defense still in 2019. Don Brown is a good DC. It doesn’t help out you going 3 & out time & time again. Doesn’t help the Defense anyways. Need to rest them up. Get long drives. Keep them fresh. They have the talented to be a good squad in 2019 for the Maize & Blue. They won’t talk about the Ohio State & Florida Game at all.

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