Will Damaska Was Brilliant For The North Branch Broncos Football Team In The BWAC Conference Victory Over The Armada Tigers At North Branch HS On Friday Night.

Will Damaska was brilliant as a Freshman QB for 3rd Year Head Coach Jeremy Ferman in the 34-6 victory at home against the Armada Tigers at Krepps Field at North Branch HS. Will had 4 TD’s in the BWAC Conference Victory. Scored on long TD runs & a 1-yard QB seek for a TD in the 3rd Quarter. Brandon Martin had a good game running the Football at RB for the team in the win. Scored from 9 yards out in the 2nd Quarter. Also had a couple of nice kickoffs returns in that one. Brandon Martin is a Junior this season. Played on JV Football in the last 2 years. Defense was solid in the victory. Run Defense was solid. Armada scored there only TD in the 1st Quarter. On a TD pass. They where testing there small DB’s the North Branch Broncos had out there in that game. Offensive Line had some mistakes in that one. Holding calls have too stop. Offsides stuff has to stop also too. Can’t have those if you want to be BWAC Conference Champions in 2019. Stop themselves can’t have that one either. All in all it was a victory for the North Branch Broncos Football Team on Friday Night on there home crowd. Still got work to be done yet for Head Coach Jeremy Ferman if they want to be BWAC Conference Champions in 2019. They take on the Yale Bulldogs in the BWAC Conference Game next week at Andreae Field at Yale City Park. Work has to come 1st if they want to be BWAC Conference Champions & go to the playoffs in 2019. Those stuff you can’t have going into the Yale game next week on the road. Defense has to play to there expectations going forward to the next week BWAC Conference Football Game. Defense Wins Games & Championships Period. Jeremy Ferman knows that one for sure. He knows what he is doing as a Head Coach. Impressive Freshman QB Will Damaska has handled the spotlight very well. Got a good heart of doing the job done right for the Offense to be successful down the road for the 2019 North Branch Broncos Football Team. Shown me good signs at QB to get the job done right at all times.

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