Mark Thomas Was A Very Good Football & Baseball Coach For Harbor Beach & South Lyon……

Mark Thomas was a very good DC for the Harbor Beach Pirates Football Team for the Legendary Head Coach Jack Dillon in 1978-90. Best squad they had was in 1989. Pat Behnke was the best hitter on that Football Team. Tom Arbaugh told me that Pat was the hardest hitter he ever seen in School History. Special bunch of individuals on that 1989 Harbor Beach Pirates Football Team. They where big, fast, & strong out there. Tim Carmody got hurt in Week 9 of the regular season against the EPB Lakers. Played against the Detroit St. Martin DePorres Eagles in the Class C Regional Game at Atwood Stadium in Flint. Reinjured that Shoudler once again. Lose 28-14. Went 10-1 overall record in 1989. Special bunch of individuals Mark had out there. Very good Baseball Coach as well too. Moved to South Lyon. Started out as DC. Move his way up as Head Coach. Good run with South Lyon in 1991-2015. Baseball Coach at South Lyon as well too. Special Education Teacher at Harbor Beach & South Lyon HS. In the HS Football Coaches Hall of Fame. Went to Brighton in 2016 help out the Football Team. 3 kids he raise very well. Help those 3 kids to succeed. Well liked by the Harbor Beach, South Lyon, & Brighton Communities. Support Mark had at all 3 communites in the past years. Love the passion of Football & Baseball. 2 favorite sports he liked the most. Good mindset of that one now. Good guy also too…….. Remember Mark Thomas……..

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