Jeremy Ferman Has Changed The Culture For The North Branch Broncos Football Team & Program.

Jeremy Ferman has changed the culture already now for the North Branch Broncos Football Team in the last 2 years of the program. He got hired on April of 2017. They went 1-8 in 2017. They went 8-3 a year ago. Biggest turnaround they ever had in School & Program History. They are off to a good start in 2019. There 3-0 on the season. Players have bought in the system already now. He knew what he is doing as Head Coach. Turn around the Almont Raiders Football Team & Program in his 3rd season there at the helm. Almont is good still. He started the program up at Almont. Players love playing for Jeremy Ferman at both schools. North Branch is a powerhouse already now. He is a program builder. Knows what he is doing with the players year in & year out. Foundation has been unbelievable there now. Getting to know the players can do on & off the field. Trust the process. Seeing that one there now. Building a good culture for the fans & players there now. He has a good mind of doing it right for the team to be successful year in & year out. Losing a lot of good ones off the 2018 squad a year ago on Offense. Gerrid Rutledge, Nathan Farnsworth, Josh Boyne, Christian Coy, Evan Caudill, Michael Gormley, Michael Orebaugh, Porter Fielder, & Grant Rose off the team to Graduation. They still got Lawson Rutledge, Drake Deshetsky, Hunter Reinke, Hunter Ratliff, Drew Ragatz, Eli Robinette, Dustin Manns, Caleb Hitchcock, Wyatt Howe, DeMarcus Wagoner, Alex Albrecht Gavin Cotterman & Brant Mohr. Got a few good newcomers on the team as well too. Brandon Martin, Jacob Ranney, Will Damaska, Jackson Schultz, Colton Law, & Brayden Vauter. They got a thing going for them now at North Branch. They want to beat Almont Raiders really bad at home on Friday Night at Krepps Field in North Branch HS. Hoping a lot of his former players for the Almont Raiders Football Team goes out & supports Jeremy Ferman in this contest against his former team he used to Coach in 2004-14 for the Almont Raiders Football Team & Program on Friday Night. Jeremy is a very nice guy period. I am super blessed to meet him for the last 3 years there. North Branch Fans are glad to have a good one there now. Awesome guy indeed.

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