DaMarcus Burke Jr Is An Good PG For The Flint Beecher Buccaneers Boys Basketball Team…….

DaMarcus Burke Jr is a good PG for the Flint Beecher Buccaneers Boys Basketball Team. Wants to keep carry on this amazing tradition for the Flint Beecher Buccaneers Boys Basketball Team & Program to the other ones in the upcoming years ahead. Head Coach Marquise Gray has been pleased of what DaMarcus has done for himself & everyone else in the program. Playmaker for the Bucs squad. They won’t talk about the forefit games & ineligible player on the roster. Move on to that stuff & just focus on what we want to do. Play Flint Beecher Basketball for the rest of the season. That is the main thing is to move on different things. Do what it is best for this unit. Focus on what you want to accomplish moving forward to different things. Play your game & help your coaches & teammates to have success. Won 2 postseason games this week at Lakeville HS. Beat the host team on Monday Night Otisville-Lakeville Falcons & get another win over the Reese Rockets on Wednesday Night. Now onto the Millington Cardinals matchup on Friday Night 7 PM at Lakeville HS. Defending Division 3 State Champions. Main goal is to take one day at a time. Go from there on out. Take what got you here the 1st place. Win at the end of the day in practices & games. Go to school & learn new things. Stay focus on one thing at a time. Work as a team. Be around with the right people. Be smart & decisive about that stuff. Go from there on out. DaMarcus has really good parents that raise him up the right way. Met their parents on Wednesday Night during the District Semifinal Game was going on. Getting the privilege to play for Head Coach Marquise Gray…….


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